Before having a drink, get to know the people who are behind these emotions in a bottle. Wines with character can only be created by people with character.
We are a team of wine makers, designers, marketers, market experts and, most of all, Enotainers!

João Pedro Montes

Founder & CEO
João learned a lot about wine and its complexity and yet, he still does not have a clear preference. He keeps it simple. Be it a rose, a white on the beach or a red for dinner, the only thing he is certain of is that these moments are special because of the people he is sharing them with.

Clara Niza

For Clara, it couldn’t be any clearer: “…without a doubt, wine is the best drink in the world”. She knows that she likes it and that is enough. As in any other strong and lasting relationship, her connection to wine is true and uncomplicated. She likes all wines, it all depends on the occasion.

Bruno Vaz

CCOO – Chief Commercial & Operating Officer 
Everything in my relationship with wine is based on instinct. Let me explain… It is always a first date. The adrenalin, the mystery, the passion. During the day with respect, at night with profound admiration. White wine is the love of my life. It is always shared, no matter what the occasion.

Pedro Sereno

Wine Architect
“Wine is my life!” Pedro is the fourth generation of his family connected to growing vineyards and making wine. Grape harvests are, and have been, unforgettable moments that marked his holidays. He gets a particular sense of satisfaction when he feels that people like the wines that he makes.

António Almeida

Deputy CTO
With or without company, working late hours or without looking at the clock. In short, a glass of wine corresponds.

Dilip Prajapati

Project Manager
A party is not the same without a good bottle of wine. However, it is in sharing a moment with friends, that wine and conversation meet in a perfect way.

Purva Rana

IT Developer
For every wine there is an occasion. It’s better if the moment has an emotional meaning.

Harish Jangid

IT Developer 
It is the best drink to accompany any moment worth celebrating.

Sara Santos

Design & Marketing Manager
Even when looking at wine from the outside, as required for work, she has a particular admiration for sparkling wine. In every wine she sees a personality and an elegant behavior that has a moment without a set time.

Gabriela Cursino

Design & Digital Communication
Before join the team of “bottled emotions” she was not a wine lover at all. But our bottles knew exactly how to change her mind. Today, she never says no to a good white wine and she is always the first person to refill the glass!

Edvany Fernandes

Logistics Analyst
New to the world of wine, he no longer dispenses a glass of fresh white and rosé wine with friends. In fact, on hot summer days, not just one. Probably, two or three.

Manuel Vieira Santos

Finance Consultant
Manel is a fan of a good red wine. Of those that relax all the muscles of the body and we want to enjoy for hours. His relationship with wine does not need an appointment. Any time is good when drinking something special!


Investing in emotions was a challenge. Fortunately, we have the support of a group of people who saw this adventure as a bet with a future.

João Pedro Montes

CEO – Wine With Spirit & Lyfetaste
Lisbon, Portugal

Clara Niza

CFO – Wine With Spirit & Lyfetaste
Lisbon, Portugal

Bruno Coelho Vaz

CCOO – Wine With Spirit
Lisboa, Portugal

João Rosa

Leksi Consulting
Lisboa, Portugal

Christian Minzolini

Executive Member of the Board at Haitong Bank


We believe in sharing emotions and we know that life experience is an unparalleled advantage. So whenever we need advices or some fresh ideas we meet with a group of people from such diverse areas ranging from music to management. The common denominator among all? The talent, passion for life and a their liking for wine.

António Casanova

CEO – Unilever Jerónimo Martins
Lisbon, Portugal

António Almeida

CEO & Founder at Scanlics | Digital Transformation
Lisbon, Portugal

James Samuels

CEO – Worlwide Strategies Inc.
Denver, USA

João André de Barros Teixeira

Associate Partner, Globalpraxis;

Professor, Innovation, Antwerp Management School, Univ. of Antwerp, Belgium;

Former President, Coca-Cola Russia, Ukraine, Belarus.

José Ferreira Gomes

Legal Consultant – CMVM
Lisbon, Portugal

Professor Assistant Professor and Doctoral Candidate – University of Lisbon School of Law
Lisbon, Portugal

Juan Giralt

VP Chief Commercial Officer – Dixy Group
Moscow, Russia

Manuel Ferreira Gomes

MBA Candidate, Class of 2014
Columbia Business School, Columbia University
New York, EUA

Marta Tavares da Silva

CEO – Bairro Alto Hotel
Lisbon, Portugal

Ricardo Domingues

CEO & Co-Founder Easyapp
Lisboa, Portugal

David Lopes

Executive Administrator and General Manager – Foundation Francisco Manuel dos Santos
Member of the board Lisbon Oceanarium
Lisbon, Portugal

Bruno Coelho Vaz

CCOO – Wine With Spirit
Lisboa, Portugal

Thiago Guimarães

Co-Founder and Fund Manager
Vintage Capital Partners
London, UK

Madalena Carmona e Costa

Executive Assistant
Time Out Market
Lisboa Portugal