bastardo black edition wine with spirit

bastardo black edition white

Who drinks it | Women and men who dare to make a toast to their bastards instead of feeling sorry for themselves

Hour | Right after a blow from the bastard, to solve things immediately

Flavor | Sweet, of victory

Goes well with... A good dose of laughter and friends
bastardo black edition white
Irony of fate that things didn’t turn out as expected. But you control your destiny! If love is war, you know how to win. The day was bad, the night will be for party. Now, no one stops you! Savor your essence. At home, with your friends, in the middle of the crowd… Open a bottle, drink one glass and celebrate life. Taste and let yourself be tasted. Illegitimate would be to stop being yourself!

bastardo white wine black edition wine with spirit

Region: Tejo

Volume: 13%

Soil: Schistose

Color: Lemon yellow

Bouquet: Citrus and tropical fruit

Temperature: 10-12 ºC

Technical Notes: It has a bright citric color and an intense and complex aroma, highlighting the white fruits, such as melon and apple and some vegetable notes of green bushes. In the mouth, it reveals a great balance, harmony and good volume, showing fruity and mineral flavors. It has a long and balanced finish.


Wine Architect

Grape varieties

  • Arinto 50% 50%
  • Fernão Pires 30% 30%
  • Viognier 20% 20%