bastardo black edition wine with spirit

bastardo black edition white

Who drinks it | Women and men who dare to make a toast to their bastards instead of feeling sorry for themselves

Hour | Right after a blow from the bastard, to solve things immediately

Flavor | Sweet, of victory

Goes well with... A good dose of laughter and friends
bastardo black edition white
Irony of fate that things didn’t turn out as expected. But you control your destiny! If love is war, you know how to win. The day was bad, the night will be for party. Now, no one stops you! Savor your essence. At home, with your friends, in the middle of the crowd… Open a bottle, drink one glass and celebrate life. Taste and let yourself be tasted. Illegitimate would be to stop being yourself!

bastardo white wine black edition wine with spirit

Classification | Tejo Regional Wine

Type | white wine

Volume |13,0%

Grape varieties | 100% Vinhas Velhas (Old Vines)

Soil | Schistose

Concept | This wine is the result of small and endless details, which combined to express the originality of its terroir. The Black Edition was created to challenge the classic profile of great Tejo wines. The maturity of the old vineyard  in combination with the type of soil, harvest year and the philosophy of the winemakers that respect the origin and the grapes, make this wine unique identity to be enhanced year after year, in a solid, rich and complex way. 

Winemaking | The grapes were delivered to the winery in the morning, when temperatures are at their lowest, and were placed in the pneumatic press. Long pressing cycles at low pressure enabled careful extraction for a rich must. Decanting was shorter than usual, which helped maintain the complexity of the medium. Fermentation took place in new French oak barrels (550 liters) in a temperature-controlled cellar (18ºC)

Aging | Six months on the lees with batonnage to provide better oak integration in the wine, thereby reinforcing the creamy texture and depth. After bottling, the wine aged 6 months in the bottle, ensuring controlled maturation and giving the wine the complexity that characterizes it

Color | Straw color with green hues

Bouquet | Apricot and lemon peel confit, mixed with notes of cloves, nutmeg and some white chocolate

Taste | Wide and rich, with predominant stone fruit punctuated with notes of white pepper. Unctuous, with a long and elegant finish.

Aftertaste | Its finish is long and balanced

Foodpairing | Perfect for celebrating life. This wine goes well with fatty fish, roasted or grilled, white meat, cold meats and sheep’s cheese


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Grape varieties
  • Vinhas Velhas (Old Vindes) 100% 100%