red wine dine with me tonight wine with spirit


Who drinks it | Men and women who are willing to date and be passionate

Hour | At the moment of being alone with each other

Flavor | Romance of the moment

Goes well with… Passion, fun and adventure


Tonight I want to perpetuate myself, celebrate myself in you, with you. Tell you extraordinary stories and make you laugh. Dine With Me Tonight red. Turn the music on, turn to you. Open this wine and make a toast to us and to the unique moments.
Tonight we are the two of us, only us, greater than the world.
Dine with me tonight!

red wine dine with me tonight wine with spirit

Region: Tejo

Volume: 13,5%

Soil: Granitic

Color: Ruby

Bouquet: Ripe dates, broom and rockrose

Temperature: 14-16 ºC

Technical notes: This wine, with a strong red color, has a fruity bouquet with notes of plum, dates, tobacco and cassis. In the palate, it presents a good fruit/acidity relation, with soft but persistent tannins and a medium/long finish.


Wine Architect

Grape varieties

  • Aragonez 50% 50%
  • Trincadeira 40% 40%
  • Cabernet Sauvignon 10% 10%


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