meet and meat red wine with spirit


Who drinks it | All those who like a good barbecue

Hour | As soon as friends start arriving

Flavour | Delicious

Goes well with… Friends, a mutt staring hungrily at the barbecue man, a child running, an old man complaining that the meat is too tough, the neighbors that complain about the smoke, the women asking for a salad and… music!

Produced to be drunk with the best meats, Meet and Meat red wine is dedicated to the experts on a good barbecue.

meet and meat red wine with spirit

Region: Tejo

Volume: 13,5%

Soil: Schistose

Color: Intense ruby

Bouquet: Raspberry and floral scents

Temperature: 14-16 ºC

Technical notes: In the visual phase, we have a concentrated and young wine. In the nose, we have a very aromatic wine with a high level of fresh red fruit. When tasted, it reveals to be an intense and fresh wine with round and fine tannins, making it quite consensual.


Wine Architect

Grape varieties
  • Aragonez 40% 40%
  • Trincadeira 40% 40%
  • Castelão 20% 20%

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