seafood and company vinho verde wine with spirit


Who drinks it | Those who dare to dive into a wave of flavours.

Hour | Not everything in life needs a schedule.

Flavor | Fresh as the sea.

Goes well with… The best of life to be celebrated in the company of friends.

Feet on the sand and the sun on the horizon. At a long, filled table, in the shade of a warm day. For a summer night with a starry sky. For a rainy night with Bossanova on the turntable. For one, for two, for many. Seafood and Company vinho verde tastes like a sunny day and salty skin invites late night conversations and cherishes life. Raise your glasses! Let us drink to joyful days!


seafood and company vinho verde wine with spirit

Region: Vinho Verde

Volume: 10,5%

Soil: Sandy loam

Color: Lemon yellow

Bouquet: Intense aroma with mineral notes of orange blossom and citrus fruits

Temperature: 8 ºC

Technical notes: In the mouth, we feel a fruity attack associated to the vibration of its natural freshness, along with the existing bubbling. It ends with a fresh, persistent and quite pleasant finish.


Wine Architect

Grape varieties
  • Loureiro 40% 40%
  • Trajadura 40% 40%
  • Arinto 20% 20%