Wine With Spirit (WWS), a Portuguese wine producer who addresses especially to uncomplicated, passionate and unprejudiced people, was one of the eight companies selected to attend the Wine Business Innovation Summit, held on 18 and 19 January in Munich. This award honours the world’s most innovative wine producer in the market during the year 2013. Wine With Spirit was distinguished by the level of innovation, quality wine, focus on customer needs and relevance of the business model.
Wine With Spirit wants to be partner in crime of those having a drink. By making quality wine, inspired by what people feel and tailoring them to those special moments.
We bottle emotions so that the experience of relishing and tasting these wines will be unforgettable. Together, we celebrate wine and life!
Emphasizing this new way of living the wine and developing a universe that complements and enhances the engagement with the consumer, Wine With Spirit created the Enotainment@, a unique combination of wine, people, marketing, stories, digital platforms and events, encouraged by a lot of joie de vivre, which is a new form of entertainment that use wine as an excuse.
Wine With Spirit wines are considerably different from its competitors since they were strategic and specifically designed for each of the markets the company operates. In order to achieve this objective, Wine With Spirit invests a lot in ethnographic and market research, having made several tests with selected grape varieties.
All the selection that is made, from the market to the vineyard/cellar, constitutes a major added value, with a highly specialized product associated to rigorous qualitative and certified criteria (Wine Growing Committee).